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By showmethegadget
Introduce bench meters to public parks. These secure coin operated devices would work like parking meters. The new income stream generated would pay for the maintenance and cleaning of existing benches and the purchase of additional benches. Off-peak times (i.e. dusk to dawn) would ensure that
homeless individuals electing to sleep on these benches at night could do so without the risk of incurring a financial penalty.
By Bluecube
We already pay for them with taxes. Why uglify the park with meters, and commodify our public spaces?
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By CycoMage
NEVER give the gov't ideas on how 2 make money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They have enough of thier own, and entire staffs looking into more. And if you were homeless, would you pay a meter to sleep outdoors, in a park, on a bench? I find a cemetary (graveyard) more comfy (NOBODY disturbs U). Maybe we should put meters there as well, just 2 C how long the dead stay dead!?! :-[
By tulrain
This is why this won't work... While somebody falls asleep on a bench, say they go over their time and it expires. Now the nice cop comes and writes a nice ticket for the person.
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