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By moss
What if their were really small built in batteries in the bottom of light bulbs, so you never run up your electric bill. And if you need to recharge the battery. have a lamp with a retracktable cord so you can plug it up, charge it, then the cord would automatically retracked. this saves money, and plugin space.

Reward: it's just an idea, but i would like to have enough of these light bulbs for every socket in my house.
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By Michael D. Grissom
A battery that size would power a light bulb for a few seconds. That's why flashlights don't use button cell 'watch' batteries. I must assume you were trying to be funny -- good one!
By Target359
if you put 3 or 5 1 watt LEDs together you could make a cheap lamp
By satori
Currently there are some very good L.E.D torch lights on the market provide quit stong lightsthat would be able to work in this manner. Your idea has some merit however it is easyer to have wire because you would have to unplug all your lights regularly for charging. As an uninterptable light source that works when there is a power cut it could have some merrit. If we all had a battery bank connected to the solar panels on our roof we could all enjoy uninterupted free electricity. javascript:emoticon(':-)')
By Highguard01
just by reshowing people how to use ac they would only require the smallest amount of bills from electric companies we all pay property taxes and ever since they put the pole there its like 50/50 posession at most honestly they could have it known what i know today i woudnt pay them much for power. and you can transform energy and it has happend and the french didnt create wireless transmission

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