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By elefuntier
What parent can resist the pleadings of their children? And what do children want the most - toys and pets. A combination toy store/pet store - now if that wouldn't bring in children (& their parents with the cash), I don't know what would. Of course, the pets could only be obtained from reliable, known breeders - no "puppy mills." Also offered could be obedience classes, bicycle safety, "me & my dolly" tea parties, etc.

If this is already being done somewhere, at least it proves I'm not nuts (well - not totally).

Reward: Acknowledgment from the outside world to prove to my family that just perhaps one of my "crackpot" ideas isn't so crackpot after all.
By logans-mom
What about just a pretend pet store (like those pretend kitchens and so on...
You could build a whole series, kindof like a kids mini-mall...
I think that would be more agreeable to parents and to toy venders... they could launch a whole new line. Karen L. Bratonja
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