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By Bluecube
- 30 hour work week is standard. Jobs would offer both a 5AM to 11AM shift or a 1PM to 7PM shift. (Restaurants, bars would have different shifts.)
- Traffic on roads reduced as there are half the commuters on road at same time (except at lunch time).
- Families wouldn't need daycare. One worker in morning shift, other in evening.
- Go-getters, renaissance people can manage having two full-time jobs in completely different fields.
- Stores are open when you're not working.
- Greater worker efficiency, satisfaction (fewer hours, better work).
- Lunch can be enjoyed at home as family.
- Businesses are open for longer hours, making it easier to get things done, across multiple time zones.
- People can enjoy a good part of the daylight hours.
- Companies need less rental space for same job.

Reward: My choice of shifts. A holiday called Bluecube Day.
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By Michael D. Grissom
BlueCube for President!
BlueCube for President!
BlueCube for President!

I want to be your campain manager for the 11am to 7pm shift. ;-D
By Keith Whitaker
The only reason that your concept has not been realized in some form, is that it is not profitable to the wealthy.

It would be a fabulous thing and, I think, the vast majority of individuals would be behind it 100%.

The truth of the matter is that over the past half century, at least in the US, productivity has more than doubled. This means that it takes half the time to produce a full complement of goods and services. All workers could be working only 20 hours a week and earning the same amount of compensation, or, as in your example, be working 30 hours a week with a 50% raise.

The problem is that all of that increased productivity has been absorbed by the corporate and government bureaucracy in the form of profits and taxes.

Not only do they have a vested interest in making money, but the class-divided social structure that has haunted the human race all these many years is maintained, in part, by ensuring that as few people as possible have anything more than a few minutes a day to call their own. Too many people with too much time on their hands makes for too many creative and progressive ideas - and we all know how dangerous a little creativity can be...
By sneezyalex
I'll be your vice president! ;-D
Ha! ;-D
By R4Roger05
The only reason why most people work more than 30 hours a week is because they want to, they do it to make a living. People can currently choose to work as many hours as they like. Most people try their best to balance work and play in such a manner that yields a most happy existence. It is for the sake of their happiness that they work more than 30 hours a week. Some European countries have severely limited their economies by imposing such work regulations. Our free economy is the secret to America's success.
By a brietzke
:-° The main reason we work longer is that there are always going to be people who will raise the bar of what is considered a normal amount of work hours. Some truly need the money, but most simply want greater status and material things. This has been a huge cause of inflation in the last several decades. The more people willing to work longer hours, the the money they can spend and the higher prices rise. As prices rise, the people who worked less can't maintain the same standard of living as before unless they also start working longer hours. When I talk to my mom about what house work was like when she grew up in the 40's, it makes todays "house work" seem like a childs chore. Something as simple doing laundry involved cutting firewood, drawing buckets of water from a well, making a fire, scrubbing clothes against a board and then wringing them out, and finally hanging them to dry. If a modern western family had to do house work like that and still have dual incomes there would'nt be many smiles at the breakfast table. Women entering the workforce has obviously had many positive impacts on society, but it has undeniably caused such a large degree of inflation that today it is very difficult for a single income family to have what's considered an average lifestyle. The solution, however, is not a government forcing people to work less, but for people themselves to reprioritize what they value in life. There's plenty of casual and part time work or small businesses that can give you as many or few work hours as you wish. But you can't have your cake and eat it too. Do you want a huge high definition t.v and a new car? Do you want to eat out at fancy restaurants and live in an area where your're stuck in the rent trap because real estate is too out of reach? Or do you want to work less and still maintain a standard of living that would have seemed fantastic even decades ago? The t.v that made you happy 10 years ago now costs jack squat. Healthy food can be pretty affordable if you buy in bulk and invest in a decent size freezer and vacuum storage containers. New cars? They're for people with more money then they know what to do with. A more work free life is there for the taking if you can simply say one thing - who cares about the Jones?
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