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By Gary
A device that would record the user, time, date and length of each call that is made on a specific telephone so that you can compare it to you telephone bill to ensure that the telephone billing is correct. As it is now, the telephone company could add a small un-noticed charge or route a call via a more expensive route and charge consumers more for the same call to the same place and who would know? This would help keep the telephone companies "honest". Also, each user would have a ID code that they would have to enter into the device before they could use the phone. This would make it easy to divide the bill or in large companies give them the ability to see who is making calls, to where and how long they are on the phone. Could save "millions" by discouraging people who use the phone for their own personal business while at work. Or good for people who share telephones and would like to accurately divide the bill, etc.

Reward: A device for all my telephones, forever.
By estrief
This technology exists and has been in use for close to twenty years. It is called a PBX. !+)
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By Michael D. Grissom
PBX is not really suitable for home use. What you probably want is a reverse caller ID phone.
The reasons anyone would need a Reverse Caller ID box vary from person to person.

Are your employees robbing you blind? Keep track of employee phone usage.  Spot personal calls while they're happening or when you return. Reduce your monthly long distance bill. Discover who your kids are calling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Is your spouse really talking to their friend on the phone?  Find out now.

The features of the ER4000 can be broken down into two categories: outgoing and incoming calls
What the ER4000 will do for you during OUTGOING phone calls:

Memorizes the telephone number any phone in your home or office dials up to 2000 calls!  In real-time!  You will actually be able to see what number a phone in another part of your house is dialing as it's dialed. Keeps track of the month, day, time, and TIME DURATION of each call. Stores up to 20 digits dialed on each call. Handy for recovering voicemail passwords. Detects both tone and pulse type signals. Older phones are not immune to this powerful device.
This is it!
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