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By Steve
As far as I know, there is no reason why street curbs are as hard as concrete. In former days, people probably didn't have different materials, but today?

Hard curbs only ruin your car tires, and if there's a street festival and you end up sitting on the curb for a while, your behind will start aching in no time at all. So why not make street curbs from a material that's softer, yet durable and easy to clean?
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By Michael D. Grissom
AND... fill them with that organic material that emits a bright light when agitated. Then,.. the drunk drivers will keep the streets brightly lit all night long.

Poly Urethane Foam (like the stuff car bumpers and life preservers are made of these days) would be a good way to go. The only problems I foresee would be anchoring them against thieves/vandals and fireproofing to a point where cigarettes won't damage them.

Add to that, a mechanism that would automatically release them in a flood and you'll have thousands of floatation devices floating everywhere to save lives.

Hey,.. that would give new meaning to the phrase "kick em to the curb". :-P
By Target359
Designing a "soft curb" would be impractical because concrete and steel barriers are durrable.

Any soft material can be worn down by weather. Also damaged from vandals and vehicles especialy plows/heavy machinery.

simply if its too darn soft it wont last. Hard foam compresses and softer foams absorbs water. rubber will become britle and it would have to be inflated or have an inner re-enforcement, such as steel tubing. Anything else soft including foam and rubber are not environmentaly durrable.

maybe for your tire worries there could be an urethane *unsure spellng* polymer that can adhere to concrete so tires wouldn't gain as much damage from rubbing on the curb. But curbs in my oppinion are primarily for energy absorbtion of out of controll car and keeping lawns virtualy undamaged.

If a drunk driver was going say 65 mph and hit a curb the energy is absorbed substantialy and the tires would be dammaged very well or destroyed. Now if it was a soft curb or curbless sholder without a ditch or other precaution that same drunk driver if he/she was driving twords a pedestrian or building when he hits the soft curb or curbless sholder there will be little energy absorbtion so the vehicles momentum will remain constant making for a dangerous situation.

As for your butt a rolled up clothing item can be used as a cushon.

-Target ;-)
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