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By Bluecube
Here in the US before football (not soccer) games, people "tailgate". It's basically barbecuing and drinking in the parking lot of the stadium. People generally bring all of their gear with them. My idea would be to design tailgating oases, where this activity would be encouraged. I imagine an area approximately 30 feet by 40 feet with a couple of trees/landscaping a barbecue grill, tap water, a picnic bench, a coin operated electrical outlet (for music) for each tailgating oasis. These would be located in a pattern to break up the parking lot so that it would be more human-scaled and attractive.

Reward: I'd like a stadium with the tailgating oases to be renamed Bluecube Stadium.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Hey BlueCube,.. you might want to google search "BlueTooth" to find your sole mate. She's all over the web these days.

I LOVE TAILGATE PARTIES and have always wished they could spread them out to all the roadside rest areas as a 24/7 operation. This would be a greatly needed social meeting/eating place for the millions of people who travel the highways for a living.
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