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By maggiesweeney
Have you ever just put your washing out and then it starts to rain? When you are going off to work the sky looks good but you never know? Washing line throws for rotary washing lines... Simply made of plastic with a hole in the middle and strategic eyelets to secure it. Takes a second to put on but saves all that unecessary taking in the washing for a short rain shower and give those who go to work peace of mind their washing will be dry on their return.

Reward: not having washing lying around the house and not have to rewash when clothes get left in the rain.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Not enough detail so,.. I have a few questions.

1. Rain is probably the cleanest freshest FREE rinse you could ask for. Why would you want to prevent it. I've often wondered why people wait until AFTER it rains before washing their car when the rain would only provide a FREE super clean rinse... WHY people run inside to get out of the fresh clean *distilled* rain and then jump into a shower and spray themselves with heavily chlorinated water. I used to feel thankful when an especially heavy rain came along and 2nd rinsed my laundry.

2. What is a "throw". I'm guessing it is a large sheet of something that is waterproof like plastic that you want to throw over the "washing line". Wouldn't that keep the moisture in and the wind out while you were at work? OR... are you thinking of something louvered?

Please update with more detail.
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By Steve
I'm afraid that rain is very dirty nowadays. Not only does it contain acids and all kinds of other chemical substances, but it also washes all of the dust out of the air and puts it right on the clothes. :-P
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By Michael D. Grissom
Oh... I thought modern technology and EPA restrictions had resolved that years ago. I live on the protected down-wind side of the mountains in a non-industrial area. We don't even get water spots on the cars unless there is pollen in the air. Now there's a major tax advantage for anyone that switches over to the new hybrid electric vehicles and they're popping up everywhere. Maybe we're still heading in the right direction (I hope).
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