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By Antonin Prohaska
As far as I know, advertising is most effective in spaces where nobody can keep their eyes off. One of those spaces that has been missed by advertising experts so far is the bottom of beer glasses. When you drink out of a glass, you automatically cast a glance at the bottom, so this would obviously be the perfect location to place a flashy ad.

Of course, there should be different prices depending on the type of glass. Putting ads on the bottom of a pint glass wouldn't make much sense, because the foam on British beers is just too thick. (On the other hand, you can also fill a pint glass with crystal-clear cider, so maybe there should be a flat fee for beer glass advertising after all...)

Reward: Free beer would be fine. Also maybe some free advertising space for the guy who created this website. Hey, I like it!
By Takoma Park
One more reason to stick with dark beer...
By Karen
Good idea, but what if the company goes out of business before the bar switches glassware? That's why advertising on bar coasters/ napkins is even better.
By Christian
Unfortunately this idea is already being used in England! sorry!
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By Michael D. Grissom
For all you beer lovers out there...

There is a really beautiful clear glass beer mug on the market that looks like a giant beer hop and can be engraved (sandblasted) before shipping. Sorry but I don't remember the URL -- only that the guy lives in Raleigh, NC and does it all in his garage.
Yeah that is a good idea, I think glasses that can fill beers at the bottom already exist. I am a drinker and saw it in a youtube, there is a video there that if they fill beers it will be coming at the bottom of the glass and not at its opening.
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