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By crystolite
How many times do you spill in the car each week? If you're like most people, they spill several times each week, and if you have kids then several times each day! The carnado is a vac installed in the console, or in your trunk (depending on the type of car) that you can use to clean a spill on the spot! This vac would have a retractable hose, and an easy to empty plastic container which holds the trash. If you're like me and have a bust schedule it's hard to find time to go to the car wash and clean out the car. With the carnado you don't have to wait for the pop to seek into the carpet... you can clean it up right after the spill! This feature could come standard in vehicles making cleaning much more convenient and practical.

Reward: Free Audi TT with the new carnado vac.
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By CycoMage
:,-( #1 Not a bad idea 2 have a shop-vac hooked into a car, overall cleaning&such
#2 Is it powered by the engine (running), or the battery (draining)?
#3 How much storage are U looking 4? 1-gal, 4-gal, 1-qt? How often are U willing (gonna remember) 2 change it?
#4 Are we only looking @ dry spills, or is the unit grounded/insulated?
#5 How much room in the trunk are U lookin' @ removing 4 a little convience? B-)
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By Michael D. Grissom
This is a GREAT idea!!!

I suggest using a venturi tube at the end of the cars exhaust stream to create the vacuum, the collapsible tubing beneath the floorboard, and place the collector bag in the console as you suggested. This would make the system extremely simple (no moving parts or need for power) and only the bag would occupy cabin (console) space. I have done this before with a venturi tube for a completely different purpose so I know this will work and won't cause any additional back pressure in an exhaust system (important).

Venturi tubes large enough to work within a vehicle exhaust system are available from many sources on the internet. Mine was the right size for this purpose and cost about $45 US in 1990. In mass production (OEM) it would probably cost about $2 US. This would be a very inexpensive original equipment option.

Note: I’m spelling “venturi” by the way it sounds. My spell checker doesn’t recognize the word no matter how it is spelled. I’ll update when I have time to research the device again. I remember finding mine in the US via the Thomas Register.

Ok... it is spelled Venturi and a web site for a manufacturer that only does venturi tubes is
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By CodeThumper
This idea reminds me of an idea I had for reducing the splilling in autos. Have refillable gravity driven bag that attaches to the celing. Not very practical but worth thinking on!
By Thinkadin
Bah, I have had my new truck for a year and a half and spilled on thing one time. I don't let the kids eat anything in the car and i don't eat in the car either. you should be focusing on the road instead of having dinner parties in the car.

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