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By Jeff Berg
A while ago I was relaxing in a whirlpool and, while massaging my mussels and joints, I wondered what key components might be used in constructing a portable/wearable device that could simulate the same feeling as a jet stream. My list if items consisted of:

- small & durable motor w/ vibration and voltage control (smooth dimmer style preferred) with a single steel rotating shaft.
- battery and solar back up with plug-in adapter.
- heat control unit wired into the motor.
- One plastic ball deeply dimpled with round tips (maybe magnetic).
- light-weight plastic housing and comfortable harness with straps (Velcro).
- ball area cover material must be thin/strong, sterile, soft and warm i.e. (silk).
- user friendly.

Reward: A free device for myself.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Did you plan to wear this bulky heavy water filled contraption in public?

You might consider instead, getting a job demonstrating whirlpools (in the pool) in the store window. Now THAT'S a job I could get into!
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By Ikon65
or you could buy an electric massager.....

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