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By blue magoo
Using todays mobile phones, a simple software upgrade to allow the callers, number, or if stored, name to be annouced when they call. Save you looking at the phone, also great addition to those who are blind or have very poor eyesight.

Reward: Free upgrade to any who can help with the idea. Free to those who are visualy impared.
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By FlatTop808
I thought about something similar a while back and suprised its not on the market already. Why have 50 annoying rings when you could record a caller's name, save it as an mp3, and tie it to a particular number in the phone. You could even record your friends so when they call, their voice announces that they're calling.
By angelala
My friend has that on her phone (I think it's a Motorola). You just record a message into the phone and save it and then select it as an individualised ringtone. Whenever her boyfriend calls her phone starts playing a messgae of his voice telling her to pick up the phone already.
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By Steve
The way I read the original post, it seems to me the idea is to automatize the process beyond programming individual ringtones. With 100 folks in your book, you wouldn't have to go through the process of assigning everyone an individual tone, plus, you could also have it announce numbers that you've never been called from before.
By coqui
my old phone an ericsson r520m, now dead, sniff snif, did that...even when monophonic were the only ring tones around. however it did have speech recognition and a speakerphone on it. whenever someone with a speech tag (from the phonebook) called, the phone would say his or her name outloud (if you wanted to)before playing the ringtone.

anyways... nowadays crapy phones dont do useful things like that, instead they half-do a bunch of things like taking crapy photographs and storing 3 and a half mp3s

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