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By crazykev
Usually when I go to open a hood after an engine is running for around 30 minutes to an hour or more it's really hot. And I often burn my fingers trying to open the hood. I don't know if it's been invented yet but I would love it if someone would invent an automatic hood opener. And when I go to check the oil or transmission fluid, the plastic is burning hot. Maybe they could make something that doesn't absorb so much heat so you can grab it without burning yourself.

Reward: free car that has this installed.
By WannaraceACP
Install an electric solenoid to the latch for unlatching and use a shock rated to push the weight of the hood up. Position the switch for the soleniod inside the car as not to accidentally push it while driving (check position of trunk button, if applicable). It can be done for under $200.00.
If you wanted to get tecnical you could put a hydraulic pump and cylinder to go up and down.
By ballwash
Isn't it odd that almost all manufacturers design a trunk or tailgate that lifts with the slightest pressure yet the hood is generally a struggle then you have to play with the support strut to get it to stay there?

I have a Dodge Durango which has a powerful spring on the hood which allows me to raise it very easily and it stays there. Whay arent they all like that?

And why is the release so fiddly and in such an awkward place? I understand they dont want the thing springing open if accidentally released while driving, but a joke is a joke.
By Andee3pointoh
GREAT IDEA!! Just like my oven. After baking cookies it gets way too hot in there and I usually scald my hand upon touching the metals inside. This invention you are asking for can help me. Btw why would you touch it knowing its hot?

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