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By littlelois
Some schools have already started this idea.... but it should be required by many more. Jr High and High School age kids should be required to do a certain number of community service hours per semester to pass. Donating their time to a cause (of their choice) would create more caring and aware citizens.

Reward: A better world.
By Jesse
Up front this is a good idea, but unfortuantely our schools are jammed packed with activities and demands, that community service would end up being a real distraction and another stressor for parents. As a parent, we can't keep up with the activities that the school demands, and I'm not talking about soccer and T-ball. Our kids have a hard enough time learning accurate history, and community service would really pull them away from academics.

A better idea would be a school partnership with a church, synagogue, etc. that could most efficiently admister community service (and probably more worthwhile). Plus, a school administration's idea of what constitutes community service is very questionable. Keep thinking, though! Giving is as important as academics!
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