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By stephan d
My idea is to have a dual station faucet knob. On faucets that have two knobs, they could be replaced with two two station knobs. A person could prevent cross-contamination by turning the faucet on (with dirty hands) with one (probably the lower) set of knobs, wash, then turn the faucet off with the uncontaminated upper set. On faucets that have only one knob, replace it with one with two stations.

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By FlatTop808
The medical profession solved this one a long time ago. One option is to have long paddles instead of knobs and use your elbows to turn the water on and off. Or use pedals ( ... prodID=465 ). Or the automatic faucets that use infrared sensors to detect your hands and start the flow of water.
Of course, if you're using paper towels to dry your hands, you can turn off the water with one of those, then toss it, leaving your hands nice and clean.
By stephan d
Replaceing knobs in our kitchen would be cheap and easy. :-B

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