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By crapitoly
Imagine that you walk into a supermarket where the prices for the products were all digitally displayed right under the product instead of the paper sticker. It would display it like a watch. It could easily be updated if there was a price change through a computer. There would be no need to have someone printing tickets and walking around looking for it to change the sticker. Products that aren't updated would have to sell for the actual price displayed if customer gets mad.

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By kuehnau
Besides having digital displays, Walmart works exactly like that. We have these things called "Telxons" that we carry around. They are wireless connected to the stores inventory and freight system. From there we can see how much we have on hand, if we are out of something, when any more of an item is coming in, where it's location is in the store, how much it costs and more. We also have wireless printers that work with the Telxons. If a price is mis-displayed, we legally have to sell it to the customers at the displayed price.
By acefreak
I believe this has already been invented. I have seen digital price tags in stores like Albertsons, but i am not sure if they use them anymore, and i dont know if they could be changed via one computer but most likely.
By thecroth
Yup, this is slowly but surely becoming a reality. I've seen a number of stores doing this. Great way to cut down on having to pay employees to change prices! Just have to change prices in a database from the headquarters hundreds of miles away and the prices magically change in all of the retail locations throughout the country.
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