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By stephan d
My idea is to provide the homeless with wilderness survival instruction and designate public land where they can live for nothing.

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By Michael D. Grissom
AAAARRRRRGGGG!!! It happend again! I wrote a really good response to this and when I clicked on submit, it ask me for my user name and password. After doing that, I was sent back to a blank submission box. All was lost. DAGNABBIT!!!
By stephan d
I'll wait patiently :-b
By midoh

I think that the people who need the survival training are surburbanites who live in that 24hour-comfort-zone called suburbia!
The homeless might be a bit more savvy than you think.After all there are a lot of predators out there on the streets of our cities! It's the remote control-equipped couch-potatoes of this world who could really do with some wilderness training.I wouldn't fancy their odds of survival in the wilderness even with training! I think the homeless would have the edge in terms of being able to endure harsh conditions.
After all what would you be able to tell a homeless person about the cold,that he or she doesn't already know?
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By Michael D. Grissom
Something similar to this (communes) was tried during the "Hippy 60's" and pretty much died out in the 70's. It turned out to be a lot of very hard work to survive. Given the choice, I not sure they wouldn't chose the free soup kitchen meals and daily contact with people that they already have. I would rather see some kind of 'escape back to society' program developed for those who want out and shelters for those who don't. If enough styrofoam shelters start cluttering the cities then it might force government to solve the problem.
By tulrain
Great idea... I think the government should start by issuing parcells of you or your family's property to the homeless! Think about it, land is not free! Also, on a personal basis I think I would rather sit or walk in a park free of hobos or not have my house or city situated even close to a "homeless park." There is also the issue of trash. Homeless are not hygenic.
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