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By stephan d
This idea is a pop-quiz for all elected and appointed leaders. It would measure the persons leadership skills (integrity, ethics, diplomacy, aptitude) No open books! And the results would be public.

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By Deceptive Geko
This is a good idea. I would like to see how some leaders score. I dont know how you would measure ethics though. There is no right or wrong in ethics. Also, Aptitude is a little hard to evaluate since there are many qualities which make a good leader, not just one. Might I sugest some new catagories:

Knowledge of Government (Laws, protocol, ect.)

Knowledge of History (The History of that particular Country)

Logic (similar to an IQ test)

A "Family Feud" type test where the leader is given an issue and he would have to guess what most people surveyed would vote to do on that particular issue. This would measure how in touch the leader is with the people he represents.

Common Knowledge/General Knowledge

A Few Specialized Catagories depending on the office the leader holds. This section would feature questions dealing specifically with the department he/she is in charge of.

Finally, a section of the test which checks the leader for any mental disorders.
By Dr. Bonez
As time progresses, I can see how people sometimes forget their schooling. But to do *pop tests* for someone who has went through schooling and is elected by Our people, would just be useless. The public has the access to the history of this person before they vote for them.. (what school they attended, majors etc) So going through all this.. if an official did graduate they would make the qualifications, now it is up to us to use what we know to decide on their character before we vote for them.
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