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By rhagedorn
One of the biggest problems in professional baseball is the number of broken bats which very often send bat pieces with sharp edges towards players, coaches and people in the stands. My simple solution is to wrap the bat with strong tape with a couple inch gap. The tape won't effect how hard the ball is hit, but if the bat breaks the pieces will be held together.

Reward: I am an unemployed draftsman and if the idea caught on I would like a job lead or 2.
By juicetan
I like this idea. Maybe you can try talking to some major league baseball players, which is possible now because of twitter. Good luck :)
By jhonkevin
I like your thought. I like this sports very much. In sports proper maintenance can be performed at home instead of taking your equipment into the sports store. It can also save you money, which you can then use to buy more sports equipment Taping a ball bat. My suggestion is that buy good one.
By James888
No professional player is going to soften the outside of their bat with tape. The ball is hit all along the entire length of the bat. You just create an improper taping controversy. Think about an internal inside the bat solution. All lesser players for the most part use aluminum bats any way
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