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By rika89
#19371 ... f-a-bottle[/url]

i came across this calendar in a blog...and i dont quite understand its mechanism..
its a really cool concept...and simple too...
its a calender made up of some kind of paper which soaks up ink from a bottle by capillary action such that the ink spreads across the numbers in exactly 24 hrs...
now when i think of this...i wonder.. does the ink not evaporate from the bottle since its mouth is to be left open for capillary action? does the ink not spread to the rest of the canvas(smudge,blot)?
3.according to experiments conducted by fellow wont normally reach the end of the strip of a blotting paper as it has a high tendency of drying how does this ink spread slowly throughout the month...?
4.can such a calender be accurate?

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