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By Ragnarok
What is this weapon.? Its a very advanced warship that will be built using every area of science. It will stress the knowledge of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Naval Architecture, Engineering, Mechanical Machines, Robotics, Lasers, and so very much more. Why this weapon.? Well the weapon is being built for world peace, and also to learn new technologies. The technology put into this weapon will be unheard of, extremely advanced, and even completely alien like. The warship itself will even be of the largest ship that will ever float. It will cost approximetly 66.5 billion dollars to create. Labs will be set up, with some of the most advanced lab technology for the scientists who work with me to use. But for right now. I don't have a dime to put into this project, nor anybody's support. So please keep coming and give me your input.! The project is due to start sometime in August 2009. Delays may happen, unless i get your support. To help you can go to the How to Help page, and please sign the guest book telling how you would like to help. Then I will further talk with each person, to get them started.
email me at or visit THANKS!!

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