Troyski (United Kingdom)
Phone Interface with Laptop
So this morning, I was typing in my long password into my work laptop, reading from my phone's screen, and I thought, "wouldn't it be good if I could just hold up my phone to the laptop and send the password?"

Neither has RFID/NFC so that's not going to happen, unless I could somehow use the phone's camera flash to send data to the laptop's webcam. I could "flash my data" over - maybe so quick my human eye wouldn't see anything but a brief flash.

Maybe I could use this to unlock my laptop too.

The flash could be encrypted in case of interception.

Yes, I know there's Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and there even used to be infrared. But in a corporate environment these are generally not available or permitted.

This would provide another choice. I like choices.

Not sure if this is even physically possible or practical, but here it is. My first idea.

Reward: Yes, the kudos knowing my idea amounted to something would be great, but a free app would be nice too.

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