mahtobedis (Canada)
Scrabble(R) tile collector
The Deluxe version of the Scrabble(R) brand word game has an annoying misfeature: at the end of the game, you spend ages picking each letter off the board (because each letter is in its own recessed spot on the board, and because the board doesn't fold in two, like the lower-tech original cardboard board). Turning the board over is a disaster because the letters go all over the place. Solution: a plastic cover that fits nicely over the board (and, ideally, would fit in the original box along with the game). The cover has an open corner so that when you invert the game, with the cover on it, you can pour all the tiles into the tile bag through the funnel-like corner.

Reward: One copy of the Deluxe Scrabble(R) game plus one copy of the tile collector.

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