April Heather Boles (USA)
Receipt Storer Card
I get so sick of having to keep up with all receipts. And hearing my mom fuss about not being able to find a receipt in the huge barrel she has of them. And let's face it she is the queen of returns but they won't even hardly exchange things anymore without a receipt. Even if you do find the one you are looking for it is likely not even readable because of the fading ink. So why not have some kind of card or chip that can store receipts on it. Like one card maybe a credit card type that a store can scan and it will have a record of things you have bought at that store for maybe the last year. I just think this is a great idea and would love for it to become a reality.

Reward: I really don't know. I don't have any high expectations. I would like for my name to be associated with the product. But if I was offered money I sure wouldn't turn it down. LOL!!

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