Charmaine Tsang (Canada)
Whiteout Pen
I think that it is much to cumbersome to carry around a pen and a liquid whiteout dispenser at the same time. Since mechanical pencils have erasers on the end why cant pens have white out on the end?

It could be a large capsule-shaped plastic dispenser just slotted in and it will not tip your pen over because it is almost the length of your pen. A groove in the middle will be there for the ink cylinder. (I'm talking ball pens/gel pens not fountain pens) The whiteout will come out like a regular pentel fine-tipped whiteout container- i.e., no brush. (using whiteout like writing a pen) Furthermore, to "open" the pen you will just have to press down the whiteout part. The whiteout dispenser can be exchanged for a new one when empty and similarly with the ink cylinder. You can even get different coloured whiteout for different coloured paper.

Reward: A whole bunch of these pens free and the brand named after me.

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