Jim10 (USA)
Monitor Art
An art device for an upscale audience. You know those new flat tvs and computer monitors with the great resolution. Have several wall-mounted throughout the home or business. (plug hidden of course) Have them networked to a simple server that stores high pixel pictures of fine art: eg: Picasso, Monet, Renoir, etc...what suits your palette...and matches to drapes! The idea being that with a fairly low lit, flat, simply bordered (framed) monitor...these famous paintings are yours for free to display. And kind of a "trompe l'oeill" effect...as, if you're really particular, the screen size could even be the same size of the original painting. And if you get tired of that particular Pollack...perhaps too busy/ dizzy, change periodically with the click of a mouse to something more contemplative...like a Rothko or an Albers. Just a suggestion. Or...if you're having guests over that prefer something else...or change periodically during an evening of entertaining...like a very slow computer slide show.

Reward: several monitors for my estate...

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