RightBrainIdeas (USA)
Scared Single
Develop a new reality TV series called "Scared Single", to save young guys from making a terrible mistake by getting married. The show would take newly engaged couples and do a swap with a forty-something couple, sending the young guy to live with the forty-something housewife and her kids.

If after the swap period and all the "great" times that went with it the guy still decides to get married, the show will pay for the wedding. If the show does its duty and the guy comes to his senses and calls off the wedding, he can enjoy his prize of a lifetime of beer, nights out with the guys, no kids...

In prep, the show producers can evalute all the couples to determine the best mixes. For example, match a straight-laced conservative young couple with an over-the-hill, partied out, lazy middle-age couple. Things could get interesting.

Reward: If the show helps just one guy see the light then I've done my job and that's reward enough.

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