jelley (USA)
Doppelganger Locator
An interface allowing people to find many others who are lookalikes (or nearly lookalikes) of themselves, and then enable them to compare notes with each other re: possible shared tendencies/tastebuds/etc. It could enable people to upload images of themselves whereupon a 'Face Recognition Bot' would guide them in dragging their JPEG to an area of other JPEGs most closely matching their image in an array.

A numeric equivalent to such an array is:
11 12 22 23 33 34 44
45 55 56 66 67 77 78

This was inspired by Nancy Segal's book about twins separated at birth - Entwined Lives

Reward: Satisfying my curiosity. If such a site were created, people would be enabled to discover the not-as-yet explored aspect missing from the book Entwined Lives. That is: Do non-related lookalikes share similar tendencies, tastebuds, etc. just as identical twins do? E.g. even if they're not "supposedly" related, nevertheless, maybe their genes are related?

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