nicholas anthony (USA)
Smart Dryer
I'm a guy and I wash my own clothes. I wash my clothes at any time during the day, including at night. I don't mind if they are wrinkly. I like to set the timer on my clothes and then go to sleep. Sometimes when I check them the next day, even sometimes after a few days, I find that they are still damp. This is terrible for my clothes and I sometimes rewash them after I have left damp clothes in the dryer too long. I find damp clothes in the dryer about one out of every three times I do laundry. I could always leave them in longer but I don't want to always over dry them, which I believe isn't good for the fabric. So what if companies made dryers that determined on its own how long each load should take to dry and then automatically turn off? This could prevent my loads from being damp some of the time, without possible damaging my clothes by drying them too long.

Reward: A discount on the product or possibly the productif it sells big.

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