Kogiman84 (USA)
Pressure sensitive Break lights
While driving, we often have people riding on the brakes but still maintaining a speed close to the care ahead of them. This causes people to then hit there brakes and causes an unsafe environment for all vehicles behind the person riding the breaks.

When a member wants to lightly keep their foot on the break while riding on the highway or street road, the break light would be a very dim light, and then when more pressure is put on the break light it will brighten to warn of an impending stop. When someone is to slam on the breaks there would not be a dim to bright, it would accelerate to bright light caused by the drivers pressure.

I believe that this would be a very beneficial addition to cars in all countries with the information received by the following driver reading the brightness of the cars ahead of it, thus reducing accidents caused by the breaking habits of other break riding drivers and people who like tailgate. You will have more warning.

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