Buffalo Ben (USA)
Chlorophyll solar panel
To sum it up quickly, I will spare you the high school science class info. Basically my idea is to use synthtic chlorophyll, first synthesized by Robert Woodward in 1960 at Harvard University, to make a photo cell capable of producing useable amounts of energy. I'm not the smartest guy but I imagine there are two major problems.

1- Since chlorophyll is being made by plants regularly, I assume it degrades over time. There would need to be a way to either stop degradation completely (sounds very difficult if not impossible) or replenish it at a consistent rate.
2- Change how chlorophyll makes energy. Not sure how this would work exactly, but somehow alter chlorophyll to produce a type of energy capable of being stored in batteries.

I'm not sure if this idea is even possible, but if a "green" solar panel was made, it would be very easy to market. Thanks for reading this, any additional input would be appreciated.

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