MJK (South Korea)
Smart phone charging clothes
In contemporary society with significant development of technology, almost all people use smart phones. It is not much to say that people are attached to such device for every single second. As smart phones are one of the major sources when gathering information and communicating with others, its importance has been recognized. However, it has a critical problem. The batteries of smart phones do not last long and people have to either bring their charger or alternative battery, all of which are reasonably bothering. Considering this facet, creating clothes that can also be a phone charger is conceived. Specifically, installing a certain device on clothes such as hoods that stores solar energy on day times and use it as a source of electricity is one method. Then, connect it with a translator and the phone. When smart phones usually last for 4 hours if constantly used, individuals can simply connect the phone to the clothes-attached charger which had been storing solar energy that could provide additional power for the phone. Individuals can effectively take advantage of this device by using first battery at day times and use the clothes-attached charger that had been storing the solar energy at night times if necessary. This device can not only ensures convenience on the fact people do not have to be bothered by obligation to bring and change batteries, but also saves lots of electricity.

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