Hannah (USA)
Headphone earmuffs ("Fuzzy Sounds")
Many a blustery, winter day I've walked around campus, attempting to listen to my walkman/discman/mp3 player while trying to cover my ears as well. Hats just don't do the trick, and it's about as dorky as it can be to be traipsing around with a ski cap pulled so far down on one's head. I propose that headphones be inserted into earmuffs... I had a rather large pair of head phones that I used AS ear-muffs, but this still wasn't as refined as the invention could be. Make 'em cute and there is the added bonus of EVERYONE wanting them--stick to childish colors/textiles or neutral/urban looking fabrics. "Fuzzy Sounds" would be a fun name---something fun and weird.

Reward: exactly 3 pairs of these puppies :). Or, I could easily distribute and publicize. Or, my own satisfaction of knowing that this idea is lovely.

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