AaronBurns (USA)
Disappearing Food And Drink Dyes
Just like the old magician's joke of having ink destroy a white shirt to have it later disappear and leave no mark. We could manufacture food and drink dyes that would degrade and disappear after time and/or exposure to air so that our clothing, hands, sofa, carpet (family pet) etc. doesn't ever get stained, which can be very expensive to have removed (except from the family pet) and destroy and leave permanent marks all over the house or car or anywhere actually. With all the color and no chance of stain ever again, we could reduce worry and eat in the living room in front of the TV again. Yeah!

We would know when food goes bad as well by the color!

Reward: To see the day we have green wine... oh yeah... those are wine (coolers)! Ha! My favorite!

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