brokeinventer (USA)
Microwave Expresso
The product is a Microwave Steamer for making hot espresso in minutes. The steamer is made of ceramic and pyrex-type materials with a base, espresso steam strainer, and a recovery cup.

You first add water to the base and espresso to the strainer. The strainer then twist locks into the recovery cup which then twist locks into the base. The base has a seal so the steam is forced through the espresso strainer and is vented through the recovery cup spout. The espresso is then dispensed into cups.

The base and the recovery cup is reused. The espresso screen is removed and the recovery cup is filled with steamed milk; the base is filled with water. The steam produced from the water in the base is forced through the milk in the recovery cup and vented through the the spout. The recovery cup is made of a ceramic material that shields microwave signals thus causing the water to boil - not the milk. The steamed milk is poured into the espresso and enjoyed.

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