rickg1092 (USA)
How many times have we walked into a public restroom and there's no sign of soap or a soap dispenser? Even if there is soap, chances are it is coated with germs.

My solution is simple, yet effective. I call it NAPS. NAPS is a small napkin no bigger than a gum wrapper. Just add water and it disolves into safe, germ-free soap.

Keeping handsoap in your pocket creates an unsightly bulge. It looks lame and no one wants to carry it around. NAPS is the way to go. The package is smaller than a pack of gum and can fit anywhere without being a bother. It is made from a plastic-type material, much like that used to package babywipes.

There is no mess and no bottle because everything disolves just like soap, except the soap is in the napkin. As soon as it comes in contact with water or sweat it will be gone. Naps is the way to go if you want something quick fast and convinient.

This idea can go either way: NAPS can be developed into a hand sanitizer, a mosquito repelent, a sunscreen lotion, a light scented perfume or a cologne.

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