tessb (United Kingdom)
Water Displacement
I was boiling an egg this morning and it took quite a lot of water to fill up the pan before the surface of the egg was all covered. It seems like such a waste of water because the egg is so small, and I thought to myself that having some kind of water displacement device for this sort of thing might come in handy in the kitchen. (I've seen a water displacement object for the bath, which I think is fantastic, something along these lines for the kitchen) It needs to be heavy (or maybe magnetic?) so that it doesn't float, but not so heavy that whatever you're using it with is un-liftable/un-pourable. A lot of kitchen equipment is being made in silicone recently - it's obviously very heat resistant, and it's good with food because it doesn't smell, so I thought that would be a good material to use for this.

You could have different sizes with the amount of water capacity it takes up written on them or something. I get the feeling there could be various things this could be used for, I can't think of that many right off the bat, but it would also be useful for a teapot if you're only having a few brews. especially if you're using one of those ones with a built in infuser. (I think they might be called tea presses)

Reward: Product for free in funky colours.

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