Monan018 (USA)
Sterile Cover for a Grocery Carriage
When my son was born I became this huge germo-phobe. It slowy wore off but something did come to mind. As my son grew older, we would go to the grocery store and I would see all the moms placing a huge blanket into the carriage to protect the baby. I tried that and realized that it didn't stop my son from biting and putting his mouth on the handle you use to push the carriage. Yes, they now have sterile wipes when you walk into the store but most people don't know that you have to use them a certain way in order to kill the germs.

My invention is a plastic covering that will fit on any grocery cart, very similiar to the slapstick bracelet made in the 80s. It can fit right in your purse, because it will shrink down to the size of an umbrella and you just take it out, pull it apart and slap it onto your grocery cart handle. They can come in different colors and characters, and when your child bites down you know it is clean. You can take it home and clean it yourself. I love this idea!

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