freebirdz (USA)
The "Real" Sexiest Woman/Man Alive
Instead of the People magazine version of this contest that just picks the sexiest man or woman alive from a small group of famous people, why not have a real contest that matches up the girl next door vs Megan Fox?

There could be a public voting system that let's you vote on celebrities head to head and regular women/men head to head. The 10 or 12 real people with the most votes and the 10 or 12 celebrities with the most votes at the end of the year would move into a vote-off round that pits them up against each other (celebrities vs celebrities and real people vs real people) until you are left with one celebrity and 1 real person.

Then they would meet in a vote-off for the sexiest man/woman alive. Could be done with a separate contest for men and women.

Reward: Elect me the first year's honorary sexiest man alive!

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