Epiphany~314 (USA)
Handsfree-handset conference speaker
Simple idea, cannot believe Radio Shack does not have one on the shelf. I have been shopping online and cannot find to purchase for fathers day, but did find Creativity Pool. :) OK, a simple device which connects to your cordless phone handset and is a stylish box with a nice sounding speaker or two built into it. Only controls are volume and squelch to eliminate feedback. Now at Christmas you can bring the phone to the group instead of having to take the group to the base unit. Da, why does this not exist - or is it me that is silly and it already does. If not, it should.

Reward: Reward is one for each member of my family. Getting a new job as marketing director for the company who produces this product would also be nice - I am currently between jobs and need something new. Thanks and good luck.

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