citsonga (USA)
Solar Sphero Plow
Hows this for an idea - a small metal ball (maybe 1' x 1') with spikes (2-7" each) to plow your yard for you (think of the agricultural purposes!) that runs off of solar energy! You can put a chip into it that makes it run for a certain distance (say, 100 meters), turn about a foot, and come back, then repeat until you use a remote to click it off! You can even put seeds in a container inside and have it automatically plant them at whatever distance you tell it to (retractable/extendable spikes?) I know NOTHING about agriculture, this is something I thought of for a history project! Whatcha think, is it doable?

Reward: As many Solar Sphero Plows as you can afford to give me, and any other agricultural tools you make from this! Or a lifetime supply of bagels.

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