Kevster (USA)
Ultimate commuter bicycle
Over ten years ago the ultimate fluid drive bicycle was invented by Douglas Brackett. This idea will transform that invention into the ultimate augmented drive cycling machine for commuters by introducing a micro-engine driven hydraulic rotory pump that feeds the same hub motor as does the variable piston pump driven by the pedal cranks. A control/relief valve will govern the top speed to meet legal requirements regardless the engine speed.

Reward: The duel independent drive systems will meet Federal requirements for cycling streets and trails w/o any need for license, registration or insurance. The problems this closed system will solve are: exhausting commutes, chain, rear tire and friction wheel excessive wear and maintenance/replacements; bike imbalance due to side mounted engines; and inconvenient adjustments for wet weather conditions. Other rewards include the 200 mpg ecomomy of using a micro-engine as well as its possible application on a fold up bike. An all round happy ride.

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