Kevin Leung Cheuk Pan (Hong Kong)
Powerless Inertia propulsion craft
Nowaday, The US has the most sophisticated spacecraft. But it hasn't ever developed a transport that can use very little energy.
To overcome the grativational force of Earth, people have to apply a lot of thrust to encounter it to go to space.

But why don't we try to change things around? I believe (although seems impossible) there are two methods to propel the rocket without fuel.

First, scientists can find method to stop a tiny area's gravitational force, then we can just a apply a tiny force to push things up since net force is zero.

Second thing is to stop a tiny area on the Earth to stop rotating suddenly. Due to inertia, the rocket in the specific region will start to move with the Earth rotation speed (A HUGE ONE!).

Personally, i feel that the second is pretty cool.

Reward: Let me be the one who ride on this rocket. Invite me to research in these things.

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