pankaj.jain (India)
Interactive historical map
I have always been fascinated by History. I love the stories of kings and empires. I have checked a few sites on web. Lots of individual maps are available depicting the empires of different kingdoms at various points of time. Some are very small while some even depict the whole world. There are few websites focused on timelines about one thing or another. For eg, facebook has its own timeline of posts.

My crazy idea is to combine these two beautiful technologies. To elaborate, what if we use a highly interactive map like google map and give the user ability not to just navigate to different locations but to navigate to different locations on different timeline. For that, just as there is a zoom in/out option, we would create a time up/down option. In this way, user would be able to check out how our earth looked at a various point of time. There are unlimited possibilities to use such a canvas to carry out highly valuable researches. I would love to know how you feel about it.

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