Steve (Austria)
Conclusions from The WTC Disaster
During the past several days, I've been seeing those sad scenes from the World Trade Center disaster again and again. Now, I am wondering whether there might be any conclusions to be drawn (and I mean something that goes beyond the killing of more innocent people).

One of the images that struck me most was that of people jumping off the WTC in panic and falling to death. I can't believe that, at the beginning of the 21st century, the only way of escaping from a burning sky scraper is committing suicide by jumping out of the window. If a building is taller than 1000 ft, why don't they have any parachutes for emergency purposes? I don't know if this is technically feasible, but if it's not, there are definitely other solutions. I mean, if you travel on a ship, you expect it to have life-preservers for every passenger. So I think it wouldn't be too much asked to have a similar life saver for tall buildings.

Reward: It would be rewarding for me if others could think about these matters as well and come up with some constructive ideas. (Maybe someone has a new approach to enhance the safety on planes?)

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