Thinkerwyn (USA)
Baby Monitoring Clothing
I would like new baby sleeping clothes to have glow in the dark features on them. I was up many times putting my hand on the baby to feel his stomach going up and down those first months he was home and it would have been nice to just be able to look at his pj's and see that he was breathing when I couldn't hear him breathe. Perhaps some glow in the dark stripes down the stomach or polka-dots would work.

In fact more baby/toddler stuff should have glow in the dark features so you don't have to turn on the lights to find them. Glow in the dark stuff is cheap so I don't know why more manufacturers don't use the already existant technology on bottle/ bedtime sippy cup lids, diaper tabs, etc.

Reward: Lots of happy moms who won't have to be fumbling in the dark and safer babies.

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