chytah (USA)
Don't fall asleep
Don't get me wrong, i love caffeine, but there's got to be something better out there. I mean, that jolt is nice every morning, but how do you deal with being tired when you can't get out of your desk in class or something. If you can't whip out a mountain dew or a traveling coffee mug, there's nothing to do besides fall asleep. So, some kind of caffeine-like substance is needed to function for most people in today's world. I hate coffee, though, really, but nothing else does it for me. Is there any other pick-me-up that works like caffeine? If not, please invent one. Besides, caffeine itself probably isn't that good for you, either. Think about the ulcers you'll save.

Reward: not falling asleep during tests, while walking down the hall...and most importantly...during sex.

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