Beyond The Pool

Looking for information on how to patent ideas? Have an idea of your own you would like to market yourself? Or maybe your dip in the Pool helped w(h)et your appetite for new ideas and you're looking for information on how you can develop one of the ideas you've found? While the Creativity Pool can't help you here, Inventors' HQ can. InventorsHQ is a free informational site for the novice inventor, offering help with developing prototypes and obtaining licensing, patents and royalty agreements. They can even assist you in locating manufacturers to help develop your inventions.

If you are looking for portable information that doesn't keep you tied down behind your screen, you might want to go for The Inventors' Pocket Guide by Randy Moyse. The Pocket Guide gives you basic and simple instructions on how to get your product out of the garage and to the market place, and includes advice on how to get this task done without spending a bunch of money.