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Begin to love waking up Printer Friendly Version
An alarm clock that is motion sensored. It will begin going off five minutes before the set time. Once it has gone off it will begin to ring louder every 15 seconds. If you hit the snooze button it will give you until the set time that you have entered. If the motion sensor dos not sense that you are moving in the room it will go off at the loudest sound possible and the sounds will change every day so its hard for you to get used to it. There will be ten different sounds preloaded into the clock and will come out with new sounds that will be able to be loaded into the clock through a USB port on its side. As soon as it now your up and moving “for toughs non-morning people” it will begin playing relaxing music like classical, nature sounds and calming music… to start your day off in a good mood.
Reward: have one for life. 

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Self Making Bed Printer Friendly Version
This is much harder to explain in words than it is to imagine in my head but I'll do my best to get my idea into words. Basically the pillows will be zipped to the bed so that you can move them if you'd like and attach them manually but other than that you won't have to worry about the pillows in making the bed. Then the blankets and sheets and whatever other blankets you may have on your bed will have a string inside the three sides closest to the wall and it will then continue outside of the blanket to 2 strings going into the wall that will then attach together inside the wall and finally come out of the wall directly in the middle of whre the two entered thew wall. Basically you will pull this string that is coming out of the wall and voila the sheets and blankets are puuld up and over your pillows neatly in one fell swoop!
I know that I would love to have this instead of walking back and forth to each bed side making the blanket perfect and blahblahblah. Any decorative pillows on top of the bed are up to you to put on though! Let me know how this sounds, I inow it is very hard to understand and picture but try your hardest! I'll try drawing out a diagram and see if i can post it up somewhere!
Reward: I'm not sure what to do with this but a free product, I suppose. 

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Alarm Clock Printer Friendly Version
I always oversleep or ending up pressing the snooze button 10 times before I wake up. Why not create an alarm clock that has multi-functions: you have to sleep next to the alarm clock, it's positioned not too far away. So - when the alarm rings, and you do not wake up after 8 minutes, the clock has a hammer that hits your head. If you are still not awake after 15 minutes, the clock will spray water to your face. will try to think of other functions.
Reward: suggestions and opinions to make it come true. 

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