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Food Comparison App Printer Friendly Version
I think the food tracking apps are useful for people actively losing weight, but I think people lack motivation and long-term discipline.
I propose an app where you put in what you're eating and instead of just looking at calories, it tells you an equivalent in lard and sugar and try and gross them out a little, maybe even tell them how many minutes they're shaving off their life with bad choices.
If you shock people into realizing how poor their diet is, I think their initial and continued motivation to improve will be much higher if they can see translations of what their diet means.

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Non-Average Profiling Printer Friendly Version
We are living in a world where pretty much everything is adjusted to the average human being. Of course, the average person doesn't exist, and where it does, it is an exception in itself (something that actually isn't average at all).
For example, the furniture you buy will be designed for people of average size. When you look for something on the internet, you are presented with search options that the average surfer has been looking for. When looking at reviews on the internet, you are presented with average reviews of average taste. And so on.
Also, when dealing with companies, you are routinely treated as someone with average ignorance: The help system you are confronted with will routinely assume that you don't have a real problem but are just unable to read the instructions, as it seems like most people can't. Most password systems will assume that your password is just a plain word that you wrote on a post-it on your desktop for everyone to see, and therefore force you to change it regularly.
Oddly, all of this is happening in a world in which we are being profiled and tagged all the time, so our privacy is down the toilet anyway. Wouldn't it be nice if the technology that steals our privacy to make a quick buck could at least be employed to situations where it is truly useful? How about creating profiles that can actually help avoid all the crap that wasn't actually every meant for people like US?

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Interactive historical map Printer Friendly Version
I have always been fascinated by History. I love the stories of kings and empires. I have checked a few sites on web. Lots of individual maps are available depicting the empires of different kingdoms at various points of time. Some are very small while some even depict the whole world. There are few websites focused on timelines about one thing or another. For eg, facebook has its own timeline of posts.
My crazy idea is to combine these two beautiful technologies. To elaborate, what if we use a highly interactive map like google map and give the user ability not to just navigate to different locations but to navigate to different locations on different timeline. For that, just as there is a zoom in/out option, we would create a time up/down option. In this way, user would be able to check out how our earth looked at a various point of time. There are unlimited possibilities to use such a canvas to carry out highly valuable researches. I would love to know how you feel about it.

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